Ufomammut – “Temple”

Genre: Psychedelic Stoner/Doom Metal

Lyrical Themes: Mythology, Esoteric Themes

Country of Origin: Italy

Ufomammut is the combination of UFO and Italian for “Mammoth.” As the vocalist, Urlo, says in an interview, these are two words that represent their sound. It is something ancient like mammoths, but unknown and futuristic at the same time, like UFO’s. Ufomammut remains one of the heaviest acts in the doom metal scene today, and this song is certainly no exception.

As a song that should be called “Super Bong,” or “One Too Many Mushrooms,” Temple takes you on a seven minute journey through time and space that will probably end up melting your brain. The song, like the rest of the album Ecate, has a driving sound that is relentless, and a repetitious quality capable of putting you in some kind of trance.

In addition to writing psychedelic doom,  the members of Ufomammut are part of a critically acclaimed graphic design and fine art collective, Malleus. See their work below!

Malleus Artwork Samples





Malleus Art Site

Official Website

Official Merch


Encyclopedia Metallum


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