Reasons Why Your Book Sucks


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Want to write a captivating tale that will keep your reader on edge? Maybe you should see why people stop reading books, so you don’t write a  lemon yourself. conducted a survey asking “Why do you put a book down?” and through the comprehensive research that is asking people random questions on the internet, they got results. Here’s what they found.


The pie chart above shows what type of writing makes people drop a book quicker than a twice baked potato. Survey shows – don’t be boring! Imagine that.

Also, if you’re worried that the steamy sex scene, or bloody gore part…or gory sex scene… you were going to throw in would make people chuck your book out of a window, don’t worry too much. Because it’s apparently worse to be boring, than to be overly violent or sexual. Here’s me lifting my glass to you George R. Martin.


I guess this is kind of obvious. Don’t fuck up the editing. Get a second set of eyes for that shit. You already know everything that is going to happen and you are blind to a lot of your own mistakes. It’s kind of like how everyone on facebook thinks their ugly baby oozing with drool and boogers is cute. So get an editor. You get what you pay for ladies and gents.


And what about taste? Survey shows that slow beginnings are hated the most. I guess not everyone is a fan of Tolkienesque prose where he takes the first three chapters of his novel to tell you which hobbit stole Frodo’s spoons.

In conclusion. Make exciting things happen as soon as you can. And if not, you might be able to make a career out of selling your book as a viable sleeping aid. Or a functional door stop/Hodor.

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