Electronica and Anime, Perturbator and Akira

To me the name “Perturbator” sounds like someone masturbating while being really disturbed at the same time…you know, like jacking off to giant spiders and sex-bots with gatling guns…which is actually a pretty good way to visualize this music.

Someone critiqued the electronica/techno project “Perturbator” best by saying its like listening to the sound track of an old “Sci-Fi” movie. Perturbator has an intense, eerie, disturbing and unstoppable quality that makes it unique among electronica groups.

Their song “Dangerous Days” is well synced above to footage from Akira (1988), a movie with cyberpunk undertones that really helped popularize anime in the West. Internet lore has it that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas turned down the chance to pick up the rights to the exalted 1988 anime Akira, believing it to be unmarketable in America, even though it later became a cult success. This apocalyptic film showed the potential of what animation could be: violent, abrasive, radically stylized, thoughtful and above all, adult.


Akira: the future-Tokyo story that brought anime west


Dangerous Days

The Uncanny Valley


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